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Read our story and find out how Tony's came to be! 

Who's Tony?

       Meet Mike Scotto, also known as “Tony”. An Italian native who was born in Naples in 1988. Food was the center of his life from a young age, and he began his career in the restaurant industry early on. During his teenage years, he would skip school to work at Peccati di Gola, a famous Creperia in Naples where would work until 4am every night. Cooking for people quickly became his passion, and it was evident that he was destined to become a culinary expert.

    To further his expertise, Mike left his hometown at the age of 18 to work on freight ships for months at a time. After four years of working out at sea, he saved up enough money to open up his own restaurant back in Naples, Stuzzico

    After a few years, Mike’s experiences and travels landed him in New York City where his talents were quickly discovered. He was recruited to Long Island where he spent the next few years working at Umberto’s - a name that has been setting the bar for pizza in Long Island since 1965. 

    In 2020, Mike’s career took an unexpected turn when he decided to take on a cuisine which was completely foreign to him - Tacos. Despite having no experience cooking anything Mexican, Mike quickly learned. He decided that if he was going to make tacos, he was going to do it his way - the Italian way. Thus, Tony’s Tacos was born, offering customers a unique and flavorful experience. Not your average taco.
    And not your average taco was an understatement; In fact, at first, many customers walked into the store, saw the menu and walked out! Mike knew that if he could just find a way to get people to try his tacos, they would fall in love. And so, Mike mailed everyone within a five-mile radius of the original Tony’s Tacos in Floral Park a $10 gift card. Once customers tried his tacos, they kept coming back and Tony’s Tacos became a local favorite. Every taco contains recipes that have been passed down to Mike through generations of old-school Italian cooking.
     In just 3 years, Tony’s Tacos has expanded to four locations, including Floral Park (Est.2020), Huntington (Est.2021), Franklin Square (Est.2022), and Garden City (Coming Spring of 2024).

Good Ingredients In The Right Hands

We always work with seasonal ingredients and source our meat from the best providers in the U.S.A. All of our recipes and combinations are carefully crafted while respecting Italian culinary traditions. Our experienced chefs, along with Mike Scotto, pour their passion and love into every single recipe, and you can savor it in every bite.