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Tony’s Biggest Day Of The Year

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Cinco De Mayo is the busiest and craziest day of the year for all of our locations, making it also the most exciting!

Tony’s + May 5th = Taco + Margarita Overload!

May 5th is a worldwide celebration known as Cinco de Mayo! Many people celebrate with tacos, Hispanic food, and lots of alcohol! As a result, all Tony locations get hit with waves of customers all day coming to celebrate the fun and exciting day. Julia Scotto, co-owner of Tony’s stated, “Our first Cinco de Mayo we didn't know what to expect, we learned the hard way and it was our busiest day of the year by far. We now know what we need to prepare for the day, each store has its own special requirements and our staff works extremely hard each year to make it as seamless as possible.

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Between online ordering, delivery, and in store orders the wait time for tacos on Cinco de Mayo can get much longer than usual. Many of Tony’s customers waited for their food while sipping on a refreshing margarita! Tony’s sells over twenty thousand tacos on Cinco de Mayo, making it a huge day for the business ! As Tony’s continues to grow the anticipation for this day continues to grow as well. Keep an eye out on May 5th for Tony’s special promotions that go on throughout the day!